This could be Trump’s most sexually PERVERTED tweet about young girls ever!

This is Trump in his own words, writing on Twitter about dating young girls and what he thinks about it.

Donald Trump is no stranger to sexually inappropriate comments and beliefs but this tweet that he probably forgot to delete from his timeline is one of the most disgusting and sexually perverted tweet about his love for young girls.

This comes at a very difficult time, at a time when his surrogates and close associates in Washington are being investigated for sexual harassment. His close friend Roy Moore has been accused of dating teenage girls when he was a District Attorney in Alabama and also accused of sexually harassing young girls.

In typical fashion, Trump and the White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders Huckabee when asked what they think of Roy Moore’s behaviour, they have refused to condemn him and have refused to say whether they think Roy Moore is reputable enough to hold public office following the series of allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Trump still supports Roy Moore to stay in public office. So it is no wonder that a tweet from 2013 of Trump boasting about being able to date young girls and saying that dating young girls means he’s “talented and not perverted.”

Besides, 15 women including Miss Finland accuse Trump of sexually harassing them but Trump and Sarah Huckabee sanders, the White House Press Secretary have said that all women who accuse Trump of sexual assault are liars.